Minimalistic sweatshirt - light brown

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The minimalistic unisex sweatshirt is made of comfortable, natural GOTS-certified knit - the bottom is brushed to keep you warm during cold days. On the front it has a unique badge in the style of hand-made embroidery with the image of a deer - the logo of the Roe & amp; brand. Joe.

Available in colors: green, light brown, taupe, cool chocolate brown.

Organic cotton is grown in an ecological way - in a closed water cycle and without the use of genetically modified plants or chemical pesticides. GOTS certified.

The table shows the dimensions after washing the product.

Size chart

Do not be influenced by the fact that the product you will receive in the package is too big. The fabric has a shrinkage, therefore it will shrink a few cm after the first wash. We want each of our products to serve you as long as possible, which is why shrinkage is added to each product, so that the garment has the perfect size after washing. Choose the size you usually wear. Wash at max. 30 ', spin at minimum speed, do not tumble dry, thanks to which the garment will last a long time.

Certificates :

  • GOTS

Composition: 100% organic cotton

Made in Poland.



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