Ecological liquid with lanolin for washing delicate fabrics


When washing wool, silk or other delicate materials, you need an extra gentle detergent, where the active ingredients are surfactants, not enzymes. Enzymes are particularly made to break down and dissolve dirt consisting of protein (organic stains, food, sweat, make-up etc.). 

Wool and silk are natural materials and consist of nothing but protein. So, when washing with enzymes you will, in just a couple of washes, break down the structure of the garment.

  • Protects and cares for delicate materials like wool and silk
  • Ideal for handwashing
  • Scented with Rose & Musk
  • Effective from 30°C
  • 750ml
  • Contains no enzymes, colorants, zeolites or phosphates
  • Highly concentrated (12-19 washes)
  • Manufactured in a climate neutral factory in Vadstena, Sweden

  • >10% Aqua, >10% Alcohol, C10-C18 Ethoxylated, 1-10% PPG-4 Laureth-5, 1-10% Sodium Chloride, 1-10% Sodium Laureth Sulfate, 1-10% Glycerin, 0,1-1% Parfum, 0,1-1% Lanolin, 0,1-1% Dipropylene Glycol, <0,1 Benzisothiazolinone, <0,1% Albizia Julibrissin Flower Extract.


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