Ghana basket nr. 5


Let’s create your unique space with Roe & Joe x EveryDay Rituals

The energy of forms - traditional baskets from Ghana

We prepared some news at EveryDay Rituals!

We added to our collection the unique baskets from Ghana. They revive the space around you and energize minimalistic interior designs. Use the power of colours: natural, sandy shade brings the calm and relax, plant-dyed black - bring you sensual and sophisticated aesthetic, colorful accents of fuchsia, green or orange make your home a shiny place.

Our projects are created in collaboration with the cooperative from Bolgatanga, North of the country, near the boarder with Burkina Faso. Every single basket is 100% handmade by a craftsman. Baskets are made using traditional techniques - weaving Rafia, well-known as Elephant Grass.

Everyday rituals are connected with home - the place which is the part of you and your history. Let’s create your unique space with Roe & Joe x EveryDay Rituals.

Artist who made this basket:

Asakizize Abagna, Atteebono Nmaa, Agonpoka Appiah




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