Linen shirt - Dusty Gray

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Together with Dzikie Barwy - an art studio founded by Olka Bystry, we created a unique collection “Plant-Based Colors”. Olka dyed the linen fabrics using traditional, vegetal methods. We used them to make our  beautiful and original shirts.

During this amazing process of dyeing, Olka used only natural plants: Rhus typhina (the staghorn sumac). This noble color on the Dusty Grey shirt is delicate light grey with a lavender tone. The shape is boxy, puffed sleeves are finished with rubber at the hem, the pleat at the front is decorated with a beautiful little frill. Stonewashed linen is a luxurious and soft fabric.

Linen fabrics are one of the most durable and natural materials. They are hygroscopic - they absorb water, and they are breathable and anti-allergic. Linen is perfect for sensitive skin. 

The shirt was sewn with the greatest care by our tailor - Ms. Hania from the Mazovian region.

The fabric is from the EU.


  • dusty grey


  • 100% linen


Every natural plant-dyed shirt needs a special care: :

Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild detergent

Dry vertically 

Not choose, don’t use stain remover

Iron in temperature dedicated for linen

Avoid the contact materials with lemon juice. It could discolor the fabric.



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