UMAÏ Gift Box hair care kit


Gift Box containing hair care products from the French company UMAÏ 

The set includes:

DETOX Solid Shampoo 

A cleansing cube shampoo with a delicate almond fragrance. Suitable for all hair types, even coloured hair and sensitive scalp. Vegan, gluten free and not tested on animals. Lasts for a minimum of 40 washes. 

DEUX Solid Shampoo

A natural shampoo bar that takes care of your hair with every use. It has a delicate scent of sea fragrance. Suitable for all hair types and sensitive scalps. Including pregnant and nursing women and children over 3 years old. Lasts for a minimum of 40 washes. 

Solid Conditioner 

A bar conditioner with an oriental fragrance. Natural ingredients fully nourish and leave hair soft. Vegan, gluten free and not tested on animals. Lasts for a minimum of 60 washes.

Solid Cream for curly hair

A cream-mask for curly, fine and frizzy hair. It helps the curls to form, fix, moisturize and intensively nourish, thanks to natural active ingredients. Gives hair elasticity and shine. Can be used on any hair type as a leave-in mask to intensely nourish hair. Vegan, gluten-free, not tested on animals


*The ribbon is not included in the gift box.

Umaï is a unique brand founded by a group of experts of natural cosmetics, engineering, and sustainable developments: Angéline, Célia, Emeric, and Sara. We are enchanted by the unique approach of 100% natural and transparent products. We are delighted that all original recipes from Umaï are based on ingredients that come from UE and mostly from France. Thanks to that they can limit carbon footprint and you can be certain about the origin of ingredients. Umaï also uses 100% recycled packages.

Sara and Angéline work in the laboratory located on the banks of the Loing in Montargis. We love to cooperate with other women and create a better future together.


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